the basics

Depending on your specific requirements, Benjamin will be happy to provide advice, to use his creativity to facilitate a design, to help you choose the appropriate stones or go and search out a specific stone for you via his network of jewelers.

In any event, you will know that you are the owner of a unique piece of jewelry.

Benjamin also offers his own creations, easily identifiable by BenGems hallmark added to the precious metals title hallmark. As a lover of stones, the gemologist likes to mount them on light and discreet structures, carefully chosen to enhance the required shape: studs, earrings, pendants, necklaces, tennis bracelets and especially rings. These are always signed with a small diamond secretly set inside the ring.

BenGems can also offer new life to your jewelry or a transformation. Moreover, restoring the shine (luster) of a stone and its setting, replacing the lost gems, choosing new ones to set them on modern creations, etc. are additional services much appreciated by BenGems’ customers.