Swiss jewelry

Discover BenGems, Swiss jewelry, our stones and high-quality jewelry

BenGems jewelry welcomes you to Benjamin Mizrahi’s workshop, in the heart of Geneva. Swiss quality is reflected in the selection of quality stones by our gemologist, his work and his know-how.

Whether you have a custom jewelry creation project in mind or you are looking for information on a gemstone, Benjamin will always be happy to open the doors of his Swiss workshop to you. You can take the opportunity to discover our precious stones and our high-quality jewelry.

A jeweler is the designer, the supervisor and the creator of jewelry. At BenGems’, Benjamin Mizrahi uses his knowledge and expertise in gemology to offer unique jewelry and gemstones. The creation of quality rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings depend on Benjamin’s work as a craftsmanship & goldsmith. He finds his sources of inspiration by observing the world around him and creates his jewelry in his workshop in Switzerland in Geneva.

At BenGems, stones are the very essence of a creation

Whether it is to complete a jewelry collection or to get a tailor-made pair of earrings, Benjamin Mizrahi always takes the time to speak with you. Like a guide, he will suggest the matching gemstones in harmony with your project.

At BenGems we work with more than 20 precious or semi-precious stones. Among them, diamond, the essential gemstone of rings and alliances. It is the most coveted gem in jewelry. The hardness and eternal symbolism of the diamond play an important role in its reputation.

In our jewelry shop, Benjamin can create tailor-made jewelry from diamonds, rubies, peridots, amethysts, sapphires, pearls and many others. Do not hesitate to discover all the stones that we offer in our jewelry.

For us, stones are at the origin of the creation of a jewel. Regardless of their carat weight and size, their unique color and purity are irresistibly eye-catching. Our stones alone give a jewel an incomparable brilliance.

At BenGems’, we offer exceptional services for the unique creation of jewelry

Our jewelry is not just a Swiss jeweler or shop. On the contrary, BenGems is a real place for all lovers of precious stones.

Our creations are made in our workshop in Geneva and when you come to meet us, you enter our manufacturing behind the scenes. Please note that all jewelry is entirely made in Switzerland.

Why come into our workshop?

Benjamin Mizrahi offers you several services within its Swiss jewelry:

  • A tailor-made jewelry creation service: if you want a new tailor-made jewelry collection, you are in the right place. Benjamin can create the jewel of your dreams (ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet and earrings) in perfect harmony with your tastes and desires;
  • A service of expertise of precious stones: whether you have a doubt about the authenticity of your diamond, your ruby or another precious stone, do not hesitate to push the door of our Swiss jewelry. Benjamin carries out a complete expertise of the gem (name, quality, weight, estimate of its value in CHF) by your side.
  • Services for the sale and purchase of precious stones: if you are looking for precious stones or if you have diamonds or other stones for sale, why not take a trip to Geneva? Benjamin can inform you and offer you his most beautiful stones. It can also evaluate your stone if you want to sell it and possibly think about its purchase.
  • A jewelry processing, transformation service: the expertise of our jeweler and gemologist Benjamin allows him to give a second life to your old jewelry. While listening to you and taking into account the sentimental value of jewelry, it will offer you a unique creation. Your jewelry of yesterday will become your collection of tomorrow.

Benjamin Mizrahi now awaits you in his Swiss jewelry shop in the heart of Geneva. Do not wait any longer and contact us to organize a meeting. We are already looking forward to welcoming you and supporting you in the creation or purchase of quality jewelry.