At BenGems’ stones are intended to be at the centre of a creation. Regardless of their carat weight and size, they have an eye-catching unique colour. We choose stones which create a jewel of incomparable shine.


Once the stone or stones has/have been chosen, Benjamin accompanies the creation of a bespoke piece / custom-made jewel, in perfect harmony with the tastes and desires of the client.

If the materials are selected with the utmost care, the same professional attention is given to each of the manufacturing stages entrusted to the various craftsmen whose know-how and expertise strive for excellence.
At BenGems’ all jewelry is made entirely in Switzerland.


How to choose a quality diamond?

In the universe of precious stones, the diamond is undoubtedly the most desired and coveted stone. You have certainly seen, touched and possibly bough...

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Cleaning & maintenance advice

Beautiful jewels should be worn and admired and thereby it is normal for it to tarnish over time. As a consequence, a jewel must be cleaned regularly ...

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