Purchase of precious stones

Purchase of precious stones

BenGems gives you the opportunity to experience the wonderful yet little-known world of gemstones. These natural treasures are the passion of Benjamin Mizrahi, who tells you about their diversity through his experience as a gemologist, describes their specific characteristics and uniqueness; he gives you the desire and happiness of owning them.

Precious stones remain essential and timeless stones. They were already very popular in ancient times as they were used in royal and imperial jewelry. Cleopatra and her emerald jewelry is a perfect example. Over time, gemstone jewelry has been democratized but has by no means lost its clarity.

Today in jewelry, the gemstone often combines elegance, quality and modernity for a unique look. Between diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, spinel, tourmaline, aquamarine, topaz and many others, the choice is not lacking.

At BenGems, we offer for sale a vast choice of gemstones selected for their quality. We also have a service of expertise and purchase of your gems.

What is a gemstone?

A gemstone always comes from a set of crystals formed in rocks deep down. However, due to rock erosion and geological changes, some gemstones can be found on the surface in certain alluvial deposits (composed of mud or clay), river beds, as well as in the ocean.

These gems are called precious stones because they are rare, natural stones which correspond to the criteria of beauty and hardness defined by international gemologists. The name “precious stone” can only be used for a stone of natural origin.

The use of a precious stone in jewelry consists in the art of showcasing a precious gem on a precious metal. For millennia, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires have been finely cut and highlighted by jewelers on unique jewelry such as rings, earrings, or necklaces.


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Where do gems come from?

The birth of gems is a question that interests many gem lovers. Gems are all around us and arouse curiosity.

To answer the question, you will find a gemstone usually buried deep in the earth.

For example, diamonds are buried more than 150 km deep. Moreover, the origin of precious stones is natural. Gemologists estimate that they were formed several tens of millions of years ago.

The magma at depth creates crystals as it cools and thus participates in the development of precious stones. Other rare gems appear as a result of rock erosion or a landslide.

The color of a gemstone says a lot about it. The same type of gem can have several colors depending on its origin or its chemical composition.

When buying, you can find :

Green stones: peridot, green tourmaline, tsavorite, emerald.
Red stones: red diamond, ruby, rubellite, garnet, spinel
White stones: diamond.
Purple stones: purple diamond, purple sapphire, amethyst.

Pink stones: morganite, garnet, pink sapphire.
Blue stones: topaz, sapphire, aquamarine.
Yellow stones: citrine, yellow sapphire, yellow diamond.

Gemstones including other colors are available for sale and in many jewelry offered by BenGems. We have put only a few examples to underline the vast choice of colors of rare gems. It is therefore not insignificant if the panel of colors that gemstones offer seduces and inspires jewelers in their daily life.

What is the most coveted precious stone?

If sapphires, emeralds and rubies are appealing because of their color and price, diamonds remain the most coveted precious stones. In the collective imagination, a collection of luxury jewelry includes at least one ring set with diamonds.

Indeed, the diamond has the reputation of being the essential and the inseparable of the most beautiful jewels. This reputation is not surprising since diamonds are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, weights and prices. Whether in a ring, bracelet or necklace, diamonds are often associated with great elegance and femininity. This is a great way to make a purchase that is full of envy.

BenGems is aimed at both professionals and individuals wishing to invest in these treasures of nature or to make a custom jewelry.

Chez BenGems, nous mettons notre savoir-faire et notre expertise au service des pierres précieuses pour proposer des créations et bijoux uniques. Benjamin Mizrahi veille à la qualité supérieure de chaque pierre précieuse qu’il sélectionne. Convaincu de la beauté et des atouts des pierres précieuses, Benjamin en parle avec une certaine adoration.

En nouant une relation intime entre l’acheteur et la pierre de son choix, il ne laisse rien au hasard et propose un bijou de haute qualité à l’acheteur. De plus, Benjamin offre des prix avantageux d’un circuit court entre producteur et consommateur.

Chez BenGems, nous travaillons avec plus de 20 pierres précieuses telles que le rubis, le saphir, le diamant et l’émeraude. Toutes ces pierres sont idéales pour l’achat d’un cadeau et font toujours autant plaisir à recevoir.

Laissez-vous séduire par la beauté et la qualité des gemmes sélectionnés avec soin par l’expertise de Benjamin et découvrez tous nos bijoux.

The purchase of your precious stones by BenGems

In addition to the sale of gemstones, BenGems offers a service of estimation and purchase of your gems. If you have recently inherited a jewel or a gemstone and you wish to part with it, Benjamin will be happy to appraise it and buy it from you. Whatever its size, weight or type, he will give you its value and selling price.

Alors si vous souhaitez venir à notre rencontre ou si vous avez la moindre question, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous serons ravis de vous accompagner dans votre vente ou dans votre achat de pierres précieuses.

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