Cleaning & maintenance advice

Beautiful jewels should be worn and admired and thereby it is normal for it to tarnish over time. As a consequence, a jewel must be cleaned regularly in order to preserve its shine.

On a daily basis, dust and small impurities accumulate at the back of a stone and thus prevent light from passing through. This dulls the jewellery and reduces its shine. That is why regular cleaning is highly recommended. Fortunately, you only need to clean the stones every 2 months to restore their brilliance.

Washing-up liquid is effective for this. The process consists of immersing the jewellery into boiling water. Using a small brush (toothbrush type) is then useful to clean it in order to remove all the dirt. This simple process will restore a wonderful shine to the jewel.

Warning: this is not valid for the following stones:

  • Emeralds;
  • Turquoises;
  • Beads;
  • All porous stones.

Besides cleaning the parts, there are other little tips that can be applied to prevent jewellery from becoming damaged. For example, when jewellery is not worn, it is recommended to store it separately in small pouches. Thus, the pieces will not touch each other, not scratch, collide, not break.

Regarding necklaces and chains, it is important to keep the clasp attached when the jewel is not worn in order to avoid the formation of knots.

It is also necessary to have a jewel checked regularly by a professional in order to check the condition of the setting and the fasteners.

Finally, it is recommended to polish and replace the outer layer – rhodium plating (if necessary) of the jewellery about once a year so that it retains the full shine of the first day.

Caring for emeralds

Because of its natural inclusions, an emerald is a fragile stone that is sensitive to shocks, and to which special attention should be paid. Unlike other precious stones, it requires special care.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid exposing the stone to the sun, high heat or thermal shock.

Turquoise maintenance

Turquoises should be stored in a dry environment, protected from moisture (contact with water should be avoided). Turquoises should not be in contact with perfume. By nature, turquoise does not tarnish. A simple chamois-like fabric is sufficient in case of oxidation.

Pearl care

The pearl is organic; it is very sensitive and therefore any contact with perfume should be avoided. It can be polished with a soft cloth.

Due to its low hardness, it is necessary to take great care of it. The pearl should not be exposed to shocks or other minerals. Fragile, it must not be subjected to intense heat or have contact with chemicals.

For its storage, the pearl should ideally be rolled up – alone – in fabric or in a jewellery pouch. It will thus avoid being scratched and damaged.

Clean your engagement ring or diamond wedding ring

Depending on the condition of the diamond, different cleaning options are recommended.

The diamond naturally attracts the most dust on the surface of any stone.
In order to restore a diamond’s lustre/shine, cleaning it with a degreasing soap (such as dishwashing liquid) and then rinsing it with hot water is ideal. For this, a solution of boiling water and washing-up liquid (1 capful) is necessary. After being immersed in this boiling solution, a light brushing (using a small soft bristle brush) is enough to remove the last dust on the wedding ring. Finally, a rinsing with lukewarm water followed by drying with a soft cloth gives the jewel all its shine and beauty.