The precious stones

The precious stones

Discover our precious stones in our workshop in Geneva

Come and meet us, and discover our precious stones in our workshop in Geneva. Benjamin Mizrahi awaits you in his Swiss workshop to present his activity, his expertise as a gemologist, his tailor-made jewelry and other products. By entering his workshop, let yourself be taken behind the scenes of the creation and manufacture of jewelry.

Much more than a business, BenGems is a mythical place for any gemstone lover. From rings to pendants and earrings, Benjamin creates high quality products synonymous with elegance, femininity and authenticity.

The stones

BenGems is aimed at both professionals and individuals who want to invest in these treasures of nature or to make a tailor-made jewel.

The precious stones offered by Benjamin Mizrahi are selected one by one from among those with superior qualities. He defends the pedigree of gems with astonishing conviction. He speaks of each of them with adoration, revealing their assets and characteristics with enthusiasm.

At BenGems’ we are lovingly concerned with the destiny of the stones and we care about knowing that they are valued with the greatest respect. Benjamin has the art of establishing an intimate relationship between a buyer and the stone of his choice. It also offers the advantageous rates of a short circuit between producer and consumer.

Why come to our workshop in Geneva?

Benjamin Mizrahi’s expertise combined with his passion for gemstones is impressive. He knows the subject perfectly and always speaks about it with much adoration.

If you live in Switzerland or are passing through Geneva and are also a lover of gems, do not hesitate to visit his workshop with the utmost respect.

For this, contact us in advance in order to schedule your appointment with our expert jeweler. Then, Benjamin will be delighted to answer all your questions and take you into the secrets of making his tailor-made jewelry. Beyond the discovery of his workshop, Benjamin will be happy to expert your precious stones or diamonds.

What is an expertise?

Benjamin Mizrahi is a recognized gemologist in Geneva. If you have stones but you don’t know if they belong to gemstones, BenGems offers you an expert service.

This service provides valuable information on the stone such as its name, quality, weight, rarity, value and even selling price. The expertise is carried out in Geneva by Benjamin who takes care to examine your stones by your side. He will listen to you throughout the expertise service and give you their real value in the gemstone market.

Other services offered by BenGems

In addition to appraising your stones, Benjamin welcomes you into his Swiss workshop in the heart of the city of Geneva to bring new life to your jewelry. His know-how allows him, for example, to transform in all integrity a jewel with a strong sentimental value.

If you have gemstones and are considering parting with them, Benjamin will be happy to meet with you to make a price estimate and an offer to purchase.

Finally, at BenGems’ we are lovingly concerned with the destiny of stones and we care about knowing how they are valued with the greatest respect. This is why we invite you to contact us before coming to meet us so that we can organize ourselves to open the doors of our workshop to you in the heart of Geneva.

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