Tailor-made necklaces

The creation of tailor-made necklaces BenGems

There are plenty of opportunities to bring out a beautiful collection jewel. Jewelry always brings class, elegance and femininity. Enough to attract all eyes. However, nothing is more disappointing than finding yourself facing a person wearing the same necklace as you. So, to avoid experiencing such a situation, think about creating a tailor-made necklace.

Whether you already have a project and an idea in mind or are not yet sure of your final choice, Benjamin Mizrahi welcomes you into his workshop in Geneva. Come and meet him for the creation of your tailor-made necklace.


BenGems, much more than a designer of tailor-made necklaces

Benjamin Mizrahi awaits you in his workshop in Geneva for the sale or purchase of precious stones. If you have gems at home and you want to “get rid of” / part with them, Benjamin will make you a complete expertise (authenticity of the stone, its quality, its weight in carats, the weight of the precious metal, its provenance and its price).

Our designer and gemologist also offers “a transformation service for your jewelry” in creations more adapted to your style or desires, while taking into account their emotional value.

So don’t wait any longer, and come and meet us. To make an appointment and let yourself enter our workshop, do not hesitate to contact us.

A necklace imagined and modelled

Our necklaces are made to your specifications, starting with a sketch followed by 3D modelling.

A qualified and experienced gemmologist

Benjamin Mizrahi, a graduate of the HRD in Antwerp, Certified Diamond Grader, Gemmologist, selects each stone that will make up your necklace for its quality and carats.

Handcrafted in Switzerland

Benjamin Mizrahi composes and creates each necklace in his workshop, assembling the stones and the manufacturing techniques.

A certificate of authenticity

A certificate of authenticity of the carats and origin of the stones is given to you on delivery of your custom-made jewellery.

What is the difference between a necklace and pendant ?

In the world of jeweler, jewelers offer both pendants and necklaces. If they are very popular jewelry for women and men for neckties, do not confuse them. Those are two different terms.

To begin with, the pendant and necklace are two types of jewelry worn around the neck. As its name suggests, the pendant is a jewel that hangs on a chain. The pendants are recognizable thanks to the small buckle that attaches them to the chain.

Today, the pendant is a classic gift but always a pleasure.

Indeed, this jewel is often very aesthetic. But that’s not all. Some people dress their neck with a pendant to highlight their identity or to affirm their personality.

The necklace, on the other hand, is a jewel made of a chain or other materials such as fabric, plastic or metal. In jewelry, you can find necklaces with decorative elements or raw necklaces only made from precious stones like diamond. The choker, the uniform, the princess, the necklace, the opera, the long necklace, are more or less long types of necklaces.

The necklace, on the other hand, is a jewel made of a chain or other materials such as fabric, plastic or metal. In jewellery, you can find necklaces with decorative elements or raw necklaces only made from precious stones like diamond. The choker, the uniform, the princess, the necklace, the opera, the long necklace are more or less long types of necklaces.

Why choose a personalized necklace or a tailor-made jewel?

Let yourself be seduced by a tailor-made necklace for several reasons :

- To have the opportunity to wear a unique necklace made just for you;

- To distinguish yourself from others at special events (engagement, wedding, professional evening or birthday);

- To let your heart speak in the choice of the chain and the gemstone of the necklace;

- To design a tailor-made jewel that matches your image;

- To complete your collection of quality jewelry with a personalized necklace;

- To give this necklace as a gift to someone you care about.

Which stones to use for the creation of a tailor-made necklace?

The choice of the precious stone is essential in the manufacture of a tailor-made necklace. It plays a lot on the final rendering of the creation and can influence a dress style.

The trendiest gemstones are still diamonds. For necklaces, diamond is a very elegant gemstone that offers a high-quality rendering. You can absolutely wear a pretty diamond necklace matching other jewelry such as a pair of earrings or a ring.

If diamond is a must and a timeless gemstone, other stones guarantee beautiful creations. For example, sapphire, ruby, kunzite, aquamarine and pearl are gems often used in jewelry.

At BenGems’ we work with more than 20 different quality stones. Our wide selection of stones allows will make you happy for sure and allows us to advise you at best.

What are the steps for creating a tailor-made necklace at BenGems?

If you are interested in creating a tailor-made necklace, start by making an appointment with our designer Benjamin Mizrahi. Well-known gemologist in Switzerland, Benjamin will be happy to open the doors of his workshop in the heart of Geneva.

First, he will take the time to discuss with you about your project and advise you on the stones or colors to favor. If you already have a stone idea in mind, do not hesitate to tell him at this stage. You can even bring the gems to work with.

After identifying your expectations, our designer launches into the manufacture of your tailor-made necklace. Then, he will make sure that the necklace is the right size and that it fits your desires. Finally, he will finish his work with his secret expert touch to create a truly exceptional necklace. Benjamin Mizrahi puts all his heart into making jewelry and wants to make creations that are both unique and aesthetic.

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