Specially selected gemstones

Benjamin Mizrahi carefully selects one by one the gems which present the highest qualities.
The precious stones offered by Benjamin Mizrahi are selected one by one among those with the highest qualities.

BenGems is aimed at both professionals and individuals and Benjamin defends the pedigree of gems with astonishing conviction.


The precious stones

Selection of stones which present the highest qualities.


At BenGems, stones are the very essence of a creation


A marriage proposal, a birth, or a special celebration, are unforgettable moments also filled with emotions for which BenGems can offer you unique creations.


How to choose a quality diamond?

In the universe of precious stones, the diamond is undoubtedly the most desired and coveted stone. You have certainly seen, touched and possibly bough...

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Cleaning & maintenance advice

Beautiful jewels should be worn and admired and thereby it is normal for it to tarnish over time. As a consequence, a jewel must be cleaned regularly ...

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