Rings tailor-made


Made by the most highly skilled craftsmen using the highest quality of chosen materials, BenGems rings will add a true sense of refinement to the hands of those who wear them.

Entrust the creation of your bespoke ring to a gemmologist and jeweller in Switzerland since 2011

The ring is one of the most worn jewelries by women and the most popular in jewelry. If wedding rings are the rings of engagement par excellence, they are far from the only ones marketed. Indeed, there are a multitude of rings all more different than each other. Each ring has its own characteristics: precious metal, precious stone, carat, color, size, special finishes.

However, to complete a pretty jewelry collection consisting of earrings, a bracelet, a pendant and a necklace, it may be difficult to find the matching ring.

That’s why, at BenGems’, we offer the creation of high-quality tailor-made rings. A service based on the expertise of Benjamin Mizrahi, well-known gemologist in Geneva. Enough to create a pretty ring perfectly tailored to your desires.

Why create a tailor-made ring ?

In jewelry, you may have the impression that the rings all look the same. You may not like the proposed models or you have an idea in mind that you still haven’t found in dedicated shops. In this case, the tailor-made ring is the perfect solution so that you can leave BenGems with a creation made for you and according to your desires.

Moreover, the manufacture of a tailor-made jewel is an original gift idea for you or for your loved ones.

Wearing a tailor-made jewel (ring, necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet) helps underline your taste for unique and quality jewelry. This tailor-made creation service can also save you from having to wear the same ring as another person. Our gemologist, Benjamin Mizrahi, takes care of everything in his workshop to create an exceptional ring that no one else will wear.

Imagination and modelling

Our rings are made to measure, from a sketch to 3D modelling. For jewellery that fits you perfectly!

Designed by a certified gemologist

Benjamin Mizrahi, a graduate of the HRD in Antwerp, Certified Diamond Grader, Gemmologist, examines each stone to estimate carats, purity and quality.

Handcrafted in Switzerland

Benjamin Mizrahi masters the composition of the jewellery, the assembly of the stones and the manufacturing techniques. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted in a workshop.

Certificate of authenticity

A certificate of authenticity of the carats and origin of the stones is given to you on delivery of your custom-made jewellery.

What are the precious stones and colors to be preferred ?

Diamond remains one of the most appreciated stones in the world. It represents purity and loyalty. It is also significant if the diamond is the stone par excellence of alliances.

However, Benjamin does not work only with diamonds in his workshop. At BenGems’, you will find more than 20 precious and semi-precious stones ranging from sapphire to opal through tourmaline.

For the creation of rings, the field of possibilities is infinite as sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine, ruby, diamond, jade, white gold or spinel are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. However, if you have other ideas in mind, don’t hesitate to tell Benjamin who will give you his opinion before starting to manufacture the tailor-made ring.

What to wear a ring with ?

Worn with a pair of earrings, bracelets and a necklace, the ring makes the woman’s or man’s hand sparkle. It brings something special, a reflection and a refined touch to the look. For women, rings are often associated with femininity and confidence. Such a jewel can also be offered as a gift for Mother’s Day, for a birthday or simply to please.

Today, the ring is a flagship jewel in any jewelry store. Whether the setting / crimping was made with diamonds, rubies, sapphire, emerald or other semi-precious stones, a ring is always special and unique. As a reminder, crimping is an expertise that consists in fixing diamonds and other stones on a piece of jewelry.

When you have chosen your ring, all you have to do is choose the right jewelry collections to create perfect harmony. For this, you can easily opt for a modern and colorful style by playing on a single color in your jewelry. Earrings in the color of emerald go well with bracelets and a ring of the same color.

If you prefer to bet on stones, create a jewelry collection from the same stone such as diamond, sapphire or ruby.

Finally, remember that the ring does not have to be worn with other jewelry. You are the one deciding of your own dress code and you have the choice to combine a ring with other accessories such as watches or a scarf.

On which occasions do you wear a tailor-made ring ?

There are many opportunities to wear a tailor-made ring :

- For engagement: if you want to bring an elegant and personalized touch to the engagement, opt for the creation of a tailor-made ring. You will impress guests by wearing a unique ring with matching bracelets and pendants.

- For a birth or birthday: impress your family or friends by wearing tailor-made jewelry. Play with the selection of gemstones from the ring to ensure a sparkling result when the candles on the cake arrive.

- For a gala or a professional evening: bet on a look at the forefront of the quintessence by releasing one of your most beautiful collections of tailor-made jewelry to dazzle your colleagues. The tailor-made ring set with a diamond, a ruby, an emerald or a sapphire always makes its small effect.

- For everyday life: tailor-made ring is not specially reserved for special occasions. You can indulge yourself by wearing beautiful custom rings even in your home.

What are the steps in making a tailor-made ring by BenGems ?

Benjamin Mizrahi welcomes you to his workshop in the heart of Geneva for the creation of tailor-made rings. After having talked with you to understand your project and your expectations, our jeweler will take the time to offer you a selection of precious stones reflecting your personality. Once you have chosen your stone, Benjamin will put his know-how at the service of your project to create an exceptional ring in your image.

If you are interested in this tailor-made jewelry creation service, make an appointment with us. We are already looking forward to supporting you in the manufacture of your future tailor-made ring.

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