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A tailor-made wedding ring is the best way to express a feeling and celebrate an idyllic wedding down to the smallest detail. It is also an unusual birthday present, which adapts perfectly to everyone’s tastes. BenGems, a Swiss jeweler, offers you this service for creating a unique and exceptional wedding ring.

BenGems, Swiss jewelry, offers you this service to create a unique and exceptional wedding ring.

Why opt for the creation of a tailor-made wedding ring?

The wedding ring is the symbol of the powerful and unique bond between two people. Almost all civilizations throughout history have chosen to represent love and commitment with rings that unite two people for the rest of their lives. Marriage is the symbol of the union of two people living a unique history, so their wedding ring has to be one too.

Choosing a wedding ring can be complex and difficult for the bride and groom. It is important to choose the right materials, stones and jewels, but also to find a pair of wedding rings that match and suit everyone’s tastes. Sometimes, the proposals on the market do not allow to find an aesthetic jewel, which corresponds to the tastes of the married couple. The collections of jewelers or jewelers may be complete, but a personalized wedding ring is a unique creation in the image of a marriage and a love story.

With the choice of tailor-made wedding rings, you can also opt for originality and choose a mismatched pair, called mixed wedding rings. You can also opt for the traditional engagement diamond or prefer precious stones, such as sapphire, diamond, emerald or even ruby.

The tailor-made wedding ring is an original creation. It then becomes possible to have matching earrings made, to offer on honeymoon or at a wedding anniversary. The same goes for necklaces, which can be custom-made by taking the aesthetic line of your wedding ring. You will be able to complete over time a collection of unique jewelry and your image.

To make sure to find a pair of wedding or engagement rings, it is possible to opt for custom wedding rings. The purchase of wedding jewelry is an important expense, having your wedding rings made to measure is an opportunity to determine the quality of the jewelry, the metals to use and the setting. Prices will therefore vary depending on the final project. However, it is possible to adapt your project to your budget by choosing cheaper pearls or different metals and by crimping the stone ring with more or less carats.

Traditionally, wedding rings are set with diamonds and are engraved with a quotation inside the rim of the ring. The engraving is often chosen by both spouses and followed by the names of the couple and the date of the marriage. It is possible to prefer personalized words, which make sense for the couple and add a strong touch of romance to the tailor-made wedding ring. In addition to engraving, the bride and groom can add a personalized effect to the ring. The gold filled adapts to all materials and enhances a simple ring. With a craftsman jeweler, you will discover which material is the most suitable to host a unique engraving: white gold, pink gold or platinum.

Tailor-made wedding ring : how to choose it ?

Classic wedding rings are in white gold, platinum or yellow gold. Some couples choose pink gold, which is particularly suitable for women with a light complexion and has a reputation for bringing softness and femininity to the style of the woman wearing the wedding ring. Yellow gold, black gold or platinum, timeless and very resistant are materials that are suitable for a man. You can choose a material with a color that suits you and have it engraved with a custom quote. The choice of the material also determines the design of the ring: a single ring, a crimped ring or a traditional engagement ring.

The tradition, always, is that we opt for two identical models with various widths, tradition on which however, today’s bride and groom come back. Nowadays, one more willingly matches one’s wedding ring to one’s wedding dress, to obtain a unique and magical wedding down to the smallest details. The bride can match all her wedding accessories from the dress to the ring.

The morphology of the hands of the bride and groom can have a significant impact on the choice of covenant material. For example, a bride with long, tapered fingers will tend to prefer a rather narrow woman’s model, while a man with thicker fingers will prefer a model with a larger surface. The jeweler craftsman who will take the measure of the wedding-ring with a baguier that will determine the size of the ring to customize.

The size of a wedding ring is one of the reasons why the bride and groom choose tailor-made manufacturing. By ensuring the service of a quality jeweler craftsman, the size of the wedding ring will be the most suitable for the bride and groom, which will allow them to avoid losing it in the bathroom by washing their hands.

The setting is also a strong element of the creation of the wedding ring: precious stones, pearls, jewels, diamonds or natural stones, it is important to understand the different options for making a correctly set alliance. As such, white diamonds remain the most appreciated gemstones for a bespoke woman’s alliance with pink gold. It is also a precious stone that adapts perfectly to earrings or tailor-made necklaces. The symbolism of a natural stone cut in gem is also an element that the future bride and groom appreciate to take into account.

For all the above-mentioned reasons it is important to turn to a jewelry expert, who offers a tailor-made alliance creation service like BenGems. At BenGems’, our gemologist, Benjamin Mizrahi, will bring his expertise to your bespoke wedding ring project. You will be supported throughout the development stages of your personalized wedding ring. Benjamin’s know-how also guarantees quality creations and tailor-made wedding rings that are completely customizable. In his workshop, in the heart of Geneva, he will create and manufacture a unique creation according to your desires. If you are interested in creating tailor-made jewelry, contact us.


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