White diamond

In the world of precious stones, the diamond is undoubtedly the most prestigious, coveted and best known stone.

In the world of jewelry, diamond has the reputation of being one of the most prestigious gemstones. Its enthusiastic impact comes certainly from its many representations in large paintings or portraits of recent centuries. Worn as a jewel, the diamond combines elegance, luxury and femininity. This precious stone shines, sparkles and brings a beautiful shine of light. It is therefore well significant that the diamond is a key stone in the making of an engagement ring.

At BenGems, the white diamond is often used as the basis for creating unique jewelry. That’s why we take you to our workshop to discover the white diamond and all its characteristics.

Diamant blanc : données générales

Today, it is hard to imagine an engagement ring or a diamond necklace river without a diamond. However, this precious stone has not always been coveted for its luxurious appearance.

Before being prized by jewelers around the world, white diamonds were used for their hardness in areas far removed from jewelry shops.

This is the case for industry or medicine, which use diamonds as an effective and precise tool. In medicine, the white diamond is found on scalpels to incise delicate areas. It was not until the time of the Renaissance and the Roi Soleil in France that the diamond was recognized as a true beauty.

In terms of the characteristics of the white diamond, its hardness is 10 on the Mohs scale. The latter is a creation of the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs, dating from 1812. It measures the resistance and hardness of minerals. The scale rates minerals from 1 to 10, from the most friable mineral to the hardest. The most friable being talc (rated 1) and the hardest known being rough diamond, rated 10. t is a hardness scale that compares minerals to each other, classifying them according to the ability of one to scratch the other. The white diamond thus appears to be one of the hardest gemstones.

Although gemologists and jewelers speak of a white diamond, its color is actually not so white. Indeed, the white diamond is a colorless stone. In the light, its brilliance sparkles and is reflected to offer a very beautiful optical spectacle and also, to be distinguished from other colored diamonds. Moreover, color is one of the four international criteria for classifying diamonds: carat (weight), clarity (purity), cut (size) and color (color).

How much does a white diamond cost ?

The diamond has become essential for an engagement ring and is set on many jewels. But what is its price? Since it is one of the most attractive gemstones, the diamond has a rather high price. However, it is difficult to give an estimate because the price varies according to the four criteria of the international standard stated above. The carat plays an important role in the final price of the white diamond.

In addition, its beauty, brilliance and color influence and can drive up its purchase price. Diamonds that have little or no inclusion are very rare.

They are considered pure gemstones and their price can exceed astronomical amounts in auctions due to their rarity.

To give a price range, a diamond of one carat can purchased from 5’500 CHF. Of course, this price is not fixed and varies according to the beauty, rarity and purity of the white diamond.

What are the virtues of a white diamond ?

The white diamond is a stone that symbolizes Love and thus is often associated with engagement, marriage. It is the symbol of eternal love and purity. The diamond is the most often chosen precious stone, in solitaire, for an engagement ring. Its romantic symbolism has passed through the centuries and as if to show that love never dies, the bride and groom after 60 years of marriage celebrate their diamond wedding.

In addition to love, the diamond would have benefits on anxious people. The stone can help problems related to depression and stress through its positive and vital energy. Finally, wearing a diamond jewel remains associated with elegance and luxury. What to distinguish you and emphasize your taste of beautiful gemstones.

Is the white diamond dangerous ?

The natural white diamond has no dangerous properties for health. The effects of this gem remain above all virtues and benefits.

How to maintain/clean your diamond ?

The beauty of a diamond requires being careful enough and taking care of it. It would indeed be a pity to damage such a precious stone or tarnish it. To maintain it properly, we advise you to clean the gem with a dishwashing liquid or other degreasing soap and rinse it with hot water. However, be careful not to use too much soap.

If you have a diamond jewel (necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet, etc.), opt for a tooth brush. Be careful not to drop your jewel when you clean it to avoid any shock between the ground and the diamond.

Thus, the white diamond is a timeless gemstone that always makes you dream. Whether for a wedding ring or other jewelry, white diamonds offer quality and refinement.

If you want to know more about the secrets of the white diamond, do not hesitate to contact us. Our gemologist Benjamin Mizrahi will be happy to bring all his expertise on this intriguing and coveted stone. If you also want to find an ideal jewel for you or for someone close to you, Benjamin will be happy to be your guide and to advise you in his workshop in Geneva.

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