Colored diamond

Master Stone of the great coveted jewels, the diamond has become one of the most appreciated jewels. Its purity, hue, color, brilliance, and light give it the nickname of the precious stone of Eternal Love. In fact, diamonds are usually synonymous with engagement, marriage and eternity. In the world of jewelry, diamonds are used to create high quality jewelry such as a ring, a wedding ring, a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet or even earrings.

However, jewelers do not work from a single diamond. On one side, you will find the white diamond and on the other, the colored diamond. BenGems reveals all the secrets of this colorful gemstone with its many facets.

Colored diamond : general data

Whether diamonds are white or colored, they are above all classified on a quality scale. The latter takes into account four criteria and is useful at the time of their sale or purchase. The higher the quality of the diamond, the higher the price.


Quality scale of a white or colored diamond: carat, color, purity and size

Concretely, at the time of the gem’s expertise, its weight (Carat), its color (Color), its purity (Clarity) and its size (Cut) are examined.

The carat corresponds to the weight of the diamond. It is a unit of measurement widespread in the middle of the jewelry. One carat equals 0.2 grams. The carat criterion is one of the simplest to analyze since it is enough to weigh the precious stone to know its weight.

Then comes the color criterion. This is essential to determine the price. Indeed, the more colorless the diamond is or approaches an almost invisible white, the higher its rarity.

Purity is the way to check all the imperfections of diamonds. Gemstones are quite fragile and can quickly experience shocks and damage. This step is done from a magnifying glass to ensure the quality of the gems.

The size of the diamond is the last criterion of the quality scale. Its role is important since it directly influences the brilliance and brilliance of the diamond. The shapes that you will find mostly on the jewellery are the round diamond, the princess diamond and the marquise diamond.

The most coveted colors and the ideal shade for a colored diamond

To the naked eye, the natural diamond comes out white but did you know that totally white diamonds are extremely rare? Most of the time, diamonds see their hues approach yellow. This slight color is measured from the GIA color scale which classifies diamonds according to a letter. The letter D corresponds to a pure white diamond while the letter Z is assigned to a diamond with yellow tones.

Nevertheless, among all the existing stones, some are truly colorful. These are then colored diamonds. Unlike white diamonds, these gems are not classified according to the scale detailed above. Indeed, their color is quite easy to identify, which makes it possible to differentiate them from each other easily. Today, colored diamonds offer a wide range of colors. Thus, there is something for everyone.

For example, you will find diamonds with a unique hue such as the natural diamond brown, gray, yellow, orange, purple, green, red, blue, pink or diamonds mixing several colors such as yellow-orange diamond or pink red.

How much does a colored diamond cost ?

Colored diamonds have still not had a good reputation. They have long been considered the poor diamonds of precious stones. White gems, on the other hand, were the perfect synonym for luxury and nobility.

Yet, mentalities and practices have evolved. Indeed, today, wearing a colored diamond makes it possible to stand out and assert one’s taste for the quality and beauty of colored stones. Moreover, the price of these diamonds has only been climbing for several years, approaching figures close to a colorless gem.

But then how much does a colored diamond cost? As you will have understood, it is difficult to determine a fixed price because of the four criteria of the quality scale. Nevertheless, remember that the purer, better cut and heavier (carat) the diamond, the higher the price.

In addition to these three elements, know that three colors stand out in auctions and drive up prices: blue, red and pink diamonds. Pink diamonds are among the most sought-after gemstones. For example, in 2014, a diamond was sold for more than $2 million per carat. An astronomical price revealing the great rarity of pink diamonds in the world. It is still possible to find colored diamonds more accessible at a few thousand CHF. Again, it all depends on the four criteria of diamond quality.

What virtues does the colored diamond have ?

When choosing a gemstone, learning about lithotherapy is important. The colored diamond is one of the most energetic stones since it amplifies the vital energy both mental and physical.

Like the white diamond, it influences anxiety and negative waves. A true hunter of the dark elements, the colored diamond is often associated with royalty, perfection, eternity and love. According to some beliefs, this precious stone is nicknamed the tear of God.

Is the colored diamond dangerous ?

Unlike other gemstones, colored diamonds have no negative effects on human energy.

So wearing it on jewelry is not dangerous.

How to maintain, clean a colored diamond ?

If you have a diamond jewel of color, we advise you to maintain it regularly. To do this, use a soap or washing-up liquid and gently clean the stone. Do not force too much on the jewel to avoid damaging the diamond or veiling it. Then rinse it with hot water. Normally, the jewel has recovered its shine and shine. However, watch out for diamonds that have cool, faint colors or hues. Rubbing it too much can damage it.

Thus, the colored diamond is a precious stone that combines quality, modernity and elegance. If you are unable to choose the color that best suits you, do not hesitate to contact us. Our gemologist Benjamin Mizrahi will bring you his expertise and know-how to advise you the diamond of color best suited to your personality and your tastes.

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