Engagement rings

The creation of a custom-made engagement ring by Bengems

BenGems, a Swiss jewelry store, offers you an engagement ring creation service in the heart of Geneva. Benjamin Mizrahi, our gemologist, welcomes you in his workshop to seal the love of the bride and groom.

Have your engagement ring created / made in Geneva

Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments of life. To unite around love for the best is the guarantee of a beautiful engagement. The organization of the wedding and of the whole unforgettable day can generate stress in the future bride and groom. Everything must be ready for the ceremony and love must be at the center of this moving and memorable day;

In the weeks before the wedding, the choice of the engagement ring, its precious stone, the wedding ring and the jewelry collection (necklace, earrings, pendant, bracelets) is crucial for the bride.
To avoid unnecessary stress before D-Day, why not opt for the creation of a tailor-made engagement ring or wedding ring? You will then have the opportunity to let your heart speak in the choice of precious stones (diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby), size and carat weight.

Imagined and modeled by hand

Our rings are made-to-measure, starting with a sketch and ending with 3D modeling. For jewelry that's just right for you!

Carried out by a certified gemmologist

Benjamin Mizrahi, HRD Antwerp graduate, Certified Diamond Grader, Gemmologist, examines each stone to estimate carats, purity and quality.

Handcrafted in Switzerland

Benjamin Mizrahi masters jewelry composition, stone assembly and manufacturing techniques. Each piece is handcrafted in a workshop.

Issued with a certificate of authenticity

A certificate of authenticity of the carats and origin of the stones is given to you on delivery of your custom jewelry.

Marriage: one of the best days of your life

The preparation and organization of the most beautiful day of a life requires a minimum of anticipation. After having established the list of guests, the bride and groom must think about many elements. Among them, the selection of flowers (pink, peony, iris), the caterer, the reception room and the collection of jewelry for the bride.

As for the bride’s jewels, they are important since they will brighten her outfit and sublimate her. Whether it is a ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings, bracelets or a pendant, nothing should be chosen at random. A shiny jewel will bring radiance to the face, neck or hand of the wearer.

To ensure you are comfortable during the wedding, it is best to choose the jewelry and outfit that best represents you.

If you don’t like diamonds, don’t worry: engagement rings set with other stones are very refined. Since engagement is an exceptional day, listening to your desires and dreams is essential.

At BenGems’, Swiss jewelry, we celebrate your love with engagement rings or tailor-made wedding rings

Whether you want to have your future engagement ring or your wedding ring created, our gemologist, Benjamin Mizrahi, will be happy to listen to you to accompany you in your project. In his workshop in the heart of Geneva, he will take the time to understand your desire to make your dream come true.

Benjamin will guide you in the choice of the precious stone, the metal of the ring and its color. Note that our gemologist works only with high quality stones and his know-how is recognized on the local scene.

He can also recommend a complete collection of jewelry for your engagement including a necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings.

If you are interested in this service, contact us. Our gemologist, after studying your request, will invite you to his workshop and will make the ring that will seal your love.

Which gemstones are ideal for a wedding ?

White diamonds are, by tradition, the stones of engagement. Between its quality and beauty, the white diamond has something to seduce. Historically, men of nobility offered a ring set with a white diamond with a brilliant and glittering appearance to their dulcinea. This custom has passed through the centuries and still today the white diamond is the cornerstone of engagement rings.

However, many gemstones are fashionable and shade the white diamond. This is the case of sapphire, ruby, emerald and even fine stones like spinel and tourmaline. Of course, you are free to choose the gemstone you prefer.

At BenGems’, we work with more than 20 precious and semi-precious stones to make the engagement ring of your desires. Contact us for the creation of your tailor-made jewel.

What is the price of an engagement ring in Geneva ?

Love has no price and making the person we love vibrate through a tailor-made engagement ring is an invaluable gift. It is difficult to determine the price of an engagement ring since it can vary according to several criteria :

- The precious aspect stone: at the moment of the setting, the choice of the stone influences the final price. Diamonds bring shine and quality design, but their price remains high. The sapphire, ruby and emerald that complete the family of precious stones with diamond, are high quality stones and original enough for a tailor-made ring.

- Carats: in jewelry they represent the mass of the gem; that is to say, the higher its weight, the higher its carat. A carat is almost 0.20 grams. When the stones have a large carat, the price is often much higher.

- The cut : in jewelry, the cut of the stone corresponds to the cut of the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity (purity) and carat. Each precious or semi-precious stone has its own size or a size that highlights it the most. From the emerald cut to the round or oval glossy cut, the idea is to select the ideal size for tailor-made engagement rings.

- Tailor-made design work: the manufacture of custom engagement rings must be done with the greatest possible precision. Together with wedding rings, engagement rings remain for life on the ring finger. The jeweler must therefore concentrate throughout the creation of the tailor-made ring to obtain a high-quality design.

Why have your engagement ring made in Geneva ?

Geneva is a Swiss city recognized on the international scene for the quality and know-how of its jewelers and watchmakers. Having a tailor-made engagement ring created in Geneva is the guarantee of obtaining a high-quality jewel.

In addition, opting for the making of a tailor-made jewel allows you to wear a unique jewel that best matches your personality. Whether you are the bride, the witness or one of the guests, tailor-made jewelry highlights your always elegant style and the cutting edge of fashion. You have the opportunity to start on the creation of a ring, a pair of earrings, bracelets or a necklace.

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