Precious stones expertise

Why have precious stones appraised?

Located in the heart of Geneva, BenGems gives you the possibility of having your precious stones appraised to know their quality and value.

As a gemmologist and stone lover from a young age, Benjamin Mizrahi is now a key expert in gemmology on the Place de Genève.

It is useful to have your stones appraised in order to collect as much information as possible: their name, their quality, their weight and more specific information depending on the stone analysed.

In terms of investment, it is important to protect yourself before getting a gemstone. If you want to sell, it is also essential to have your precious stones or diamonds appraised in order to know their real value in the market. This will allow you to protect your investments.

We thus distinguish 4 reasons which justify the evaluation of a jewel set with precious stones:

Why carry out an expertise?

1. Curiosity

Apart from the sentimental value that one can have for a piece of jewelery inherited from one’s family, one can sometimes be curious about its value on the market.

2. Succession – inheritance and sharing

We ensure an equitable sharing of one’s property between each legatee.

3. Insure your jewelry

Some people will use the valuation of their jewelry in order to have it insured at its fair value.

4. Resell the jewel (at the right price)

To make sure you find a buyer or to avoid getting cheated, it is useful to have a correct estimate of your jewelry.


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Benjamin Mizrahi, an expert in his field

Gemmologist by training, graduated from HRD (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant – Certified Diamond Grader, Gemmologist & Rough Diamonds in Antwerp), Benjamin Mizrahi also offers an appraisal and valuation service for your jewelry and precious stones.

An inventory of your assets is important in the context of your insurance and / or your inheritance.

In this regard, during an inheritance, an appraisal is a procedure that makes it possible to identify the value of your jewelry, in order to define the amount of tax that will be charged where applicable.

The certificates of value issued by BenGems will allow you to undertake the necessary steps with your insurance or your notary.

Who can appraise jewelry?

We cannot repeat it enough: AN EXPERT!

You don’t just weigh a piece of jewelry in the palm of your hand and examine its gemstones with the naked eye.

A complete and reliable expertise will be based on the technical elements of the jewel, scientific knowledge, more precisely gemmological, or knowledge of the market of precious metals (gold price) and gems (quotation of precious stones and semi-precious stones at a specific time).

In addition, to obtain an estimate of the jewel at its fair value, it is obvious that the expert must be impartial. It would therefore be preferable to avoid gold buy-back shops or jewelry stores offering the take-back of your old jewelry, since their profits depend on the price obtained with the purchase of your property.

However, BenGems does not have a laboratory, we cannot perform a paper estimate certified by Benjamin Mizrahi. Many criteria are to be considered in the context of an appraisal of jewelry set with fine stones and precious stones.

How does an expertise take place?

The best is obviously to be able to meet.

However, you can call Benjamin Mizrahi beforehand.

He will suggest a date or ask you to send him pictures first.

He will then get back to you after his first analysis and will try to clearly define your expectations.

How will the stone or the jewel be valued?

As explained, many criteria are to be considered in the context of an appraisal of jewelry set with semi-precious stones and precious stones.

In addition to its general condition and possibly its mark, Benjamin Mizrahi will carefully examine the authenticity of the stones, as well as their quality, carat weight and provenance. He will also take into consideration the weight of the precious metal used.

Once all the information has been collected, it will be compared with the market prices of precious metals: the price of gold and that of fine and precious stones.

As for the price of expertise, it will depend on the time spent and the research carried out.

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