Tsavorite is a calcium aluminum silicate and belongs to the Grossular and Andradite types of Garnet. The name Grossular comes from the botanical name of the gooseberry, which is “grossularia”.

Ethymology of tsavorite

The name of Tsavorite or Tsavolite comes from the name given to the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, place of its discovery in 1967 by the Scottish geologist Campbell Bridges. The color of Tsavorite is evergreen. It is caused by the presence of chromium and / or vanadium impurities able to give a solid or saturated green. When the green is too light, we prefer the name of Garnet mint to that of Tsavorite.

In fine faceted cutable gem quality, there are very few Tsavorite interesting deposits in the world. Let us quote of course the one located in the region of Taita-Taveta in Kenya (Tsavo Park) but also those of Lelatema, Ruangwa and Tunduru in Tanzania and finally those of Gogogogo and Behara in Madagascar.

Tsavorite color

Tsavorite belongs to the Garnets family. From an intense green to a green with a hint of yellow, this gem is colored by vanadium with traces of chromium. The more intense the green color is, the more popular the tsavorite will be and therefore, the more expensive it will be. This sparkling, very shiny green garnet generally has very few inclusions.

Tsavorite is a rare and precious gemstone, expensive and highly coveted in luxury jewelry, especially when its weight exceeds 5 carats (1 g). It must be admitted that its color has nothing to envy to the most beautiful Emeralds from Zambia or Colombia. In addition, and unlike Emerald, Tsavorite is generally not subject to any embellishment treatment other than cutting and polishing.

Tsavorite in lithotherapy

Tsavorite Garnet is a perfect protective stone to confirm happiness in your romantic relationships. Its virtues are such that it will allow you to surround yourself with new energies, helping you to become a better version of yourself. So, if you are ready for a new start, this stone is for you! But, it has even more to give! It has the ability to guide you in your love for the people you love and who love you back. It therefore has effects on your heart but also on your soul which will get stronger over the days. Its green color symbolizes hope. This gem will help you see things and people in a different light. In addition, the energies that emanate from the tsavorite stone amplify confidence and courage, values ​​that promote great changes. You will thereby see big changes in your relationship since your bonds will be strengthened and you will give new meaning to your relationship.

This very positive gemstone encourages gratitude. You will be surrounded by good vibes that will make you appreciate the good things that can happen to you. Even the bad will seem good to you because without the bad we cannot achieve the luck we have.

Tsavorite in jewelry

This precious stone is exclusively used in the world of jewelry. Its rarity is determined according to its weight. Obviously, scarcity comes at a price. But despite its high price, it is very successful. In addition, it is very hard, contains little inclusion, does not require special treatments (heating, oil, etc.) and its refractive index is high. In short, all of its properties make it a precious stone that has nothing to envy of the most beautiful emeralds in Colombia.

Precision: this gem has not got any beautification treatment other than its size and polishing. The rough gem is set on the jewel. In addition, its rarity index is much greater than that of emerald since there are 200 times less. Gems weighing more than 1 gram are highly prized by jewelers and almost impossible to find! Today, tsavorite belongs to this new category of so-called star gems due to its rarity and very high price.

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