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Refined accessories that perfectly fit everyone's wrists.

Do you dream of a tailor-made bracelet that perfectly fits the shape of your wrist and puts on your favorite gemstones? For both men and women, a tailor-made bracelet is the guarantee of a unique, personalized jewel and a gift that will leave a lasting impression. BenGems, a Swiss jeweler store located in the center of Geneva, offers a tailor-made bracelet creation service. Something to highlight the wrist of the person wearing it.  

Personalized bracelet: the choice of stones

It is important to determine which gemstones will make up your tailor-made bracelet for two reasons: aesthetics and energy effect.

According to the traditions and principles of lithotherapy, natural stones, even rolled into pearls, have beneficial properties for the body and psyche of the wearer. Of course, it is possible to choose a unique rolled stone bracelet, entirely in tiger’s eye for example. Or opt for a model that alternates the pearls of various stones: onyx, tanzanite, agate or tourmaline.

To make the right choice, ask a specialist about the virtues of various natural stones, as well as their mineralogical properties. Indeed, some stones have a more or less strong hardness, which makes it sometimes impossible to cut in gem of the shape of your choice. With an expert in gemstones, you will learn more about the various colors, shades of each stone and their value on the market.

It is also possible to create collections of personalized bracelets, including gems of the size of your choice. Thus, a unique bracelet is an ideal gift for a birthday or a wedding, accompanied by a pair of matching earrings and a necklace, also made to measure.

A made-to-measure bracelet

Our bracelets are made to measure. Based on your requirements, we draw up a sketch and then model it in 3D. For jewellery that fits you perfectly!

A certified gemologist selects the stones

Benjamin Mizrahi, a graduate of the HRD in Antwerp, Certified Diamond Grader, Gemmologist, examines each stone to estimate carats, purity and quality.

Handcrafted in Geneva, Switzerland

Benjamin Mizrahi masters the composition of the jewels, the assembly of the stones and the manufacturing techniques. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted in a workshop.

A certificate of authenticity delivered with your bracelet

A certificate of authenticity of the carats and origin of the stones is given to you on delivery of your custom-made jewellery.

The creation of a tailor-made bracelet: where to start?

In order to design a tailor-made bracelet that truly matches your desires and reflects your personality, it is necessary to determine certain characteristic elements. For example, you will measure your wrist circumference and select decorative attributes of the jewel: natural stone, gemstone, diamonds, sapphires, metal, etc.

A personalized bracelet is an ideal gift for both a woman and a man. This unique jewel has the advantage of adapting to all ages and styles. Bespoke bracelets have become indispensable accessories and are an original and exceptional way to communicate a feeling, an emotion, or even to make an exceptional marriage proposal.

The tailor-made bracelet is perfect for any occasion, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, engagement, birthday or birth. These are events for which it is recommended to choose a personalized silver bracelet. However, you are free to choose the metal and gemstone you want according to your desires.

For children, an original stone bracelet is a great birth gift. At the age of the majority, a silver ring is also a gift that stays in time. If the bracelets for men often take the appearance of a bracelet, personalized bracelets allow to offer a jewel truly in tune with the personality of the person. It will then give a trendy and original touch to his / her style and will be the occasion to mark an event.

The prices of tailor-made bracelets vary depending on your project, the final design and the quality of the jewel.

How to determine the wrist circumference of a tailor-made bracelet?

In jewelry, there are several ways to set a bracelet, whether it is composed of pearls, gems or natural stones. The various styles offered in jewelry range from the leather cuff to the silver ring to the simple cord bracelet. There is also the gold-filled effect, which gives a sparkling touch to a simple bracelet. Do know that the gold-filled finish can also be applied to a silver bracelet. Wrists in various fabrics, close to the cord, but sometimes more colorful are also marketed.

The choice of wrist circumference material is essential. You can then decide to engrave an inscription, ideal for a wedding gift or an engagement present that changes traditional wedding rings and rings.

To measure your wrist circumference, you need to carry a tape measure and wrap it around your wrist. To ensure that the personalized bracelet perfectly matches the curves of your wrist, it remains necessary to take advice from a jeweler or a jeweler offering a service of creation of tailor-made jewelry. The weight and size of the stones that will make up the jewel can affect the size of the bracelet.

BenGems, a specialist in jewelry in Geneva, offers a tailor-made bracelet creation service. Benjamin Mizrahi, our gemologist, works with a wide selection of natural and precious stones. Whether you have a tailor-made bracelet idea in mind or want to discover the world of gemstones, contact us. Benjamin will be pleased to welcome you to his workshop in Geneva and to accompany you in your research.

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